18 New Girl Inconsistencies And Plot Holes

Lotsa contradictions here.

New Girl is one of my all-time favorite comfort shows, so I’ve watched it in its entirety A BUNCH of times. And who can blame me?! It’s great.

However, when you binge the show as often as I do — I really kicked it into high gear in 2020 — you start to notice a few things. Here are all the inconsistencies I’ve caught after watching New Girl a zillion times:


The loft door is different in the pilot than the rest of the series.


Listen, I’m not a fool. I know that many set pieces don’t get established until after the pilot, but it’s still super jarring to not see the iconic 4D design every time I dive back in for a rewatch.


The exterior of the bar is also different in the pilot than the rest of the series.


In the pilot, Coach comes to Jess for advice because he has trouble talking to women, but in Season 4, he says he knows exactly how to deal with women because he grew up with sisters.


When Jess and Cece have their big purse fight in Season 4, Jess explains that she and Cece have remained friends because they never confront anything. But, up until that point, they have a ton of confrontations:


They had a boob fight, for god’s sake. A boob fight!


Schmidt’s mother is played by a different actress in his first flashback than in later episodes.


Speaking of flashbacks, young Jess also goes through some casting changes throughout the series.


In fact, there were five different actresses who played “Young Jess” throughout the series. Some casting changes even happened within the same season!


Nick pretty much wants nothing to do with Jess when she first moves in, but later it’s revealed that he had such a crush on her that the other roommates had to write up the “No Nail Oath.”


I understand that Nick could have been faking/hiding his feelings for Jess, but IDK, he was a real jerk to her.


Jess listens to Taylor Swift after her breakup with Sam in Season 2, but in the Season 2 finale, the character Elaine is played by none other than…Taylor Swift.


So, if Taylor Swift is Elaine, who’s Taylor Swift in the New Girl universe?!


In Season 3, Jess confides in Nick that she’s “weirdly good at volleyball,” but then — in the same season, no less! — she tries some volleyball moves with Coach and can’t even get the ball over the net.


Was Jess lying to Nick to seem cool or something?


Jess’s sister Abby comes to visit/briefly moves in during Season 3, and then is never seen or talked about again. She isn’t even at Jess’s wedding!


They could’ve at least had some throwaway line about Abby being in Ibiza or something.


In Season 2, Robby tells Schmidt he doesn’t like music. But later on, not only does he play guitar and sing with Jess, he reveals that he used to be a working musician.


Schmidt’s a total neat freak throughout the series, but there’s a plot point in Season 4 where he doesn’t know how to do laundry???


If there’s one thing I know to be true, it’s that Schmidt would NEVER trust anyone else to wash his clothes.


When we first see the erotic alien mural Schmidt had painted in his old room/Winston’s room, it’s in the closet and relatively small. Later on, it’s a giant art piece on the wall behind Winston’s bed.


Considering that he hated the mural to begin with, I doubt Winston commissioned someone to paint a bigger one.


Jess tells Winston in Season 2 that she’s extremely claustrophobic, but after that, we see her in a ton of tight spaces and it’s NBD.


In the same episode where Jess mentions her “claustrophobia,” she grabs the loft’s landline when she and Winston are faking a robbery. Then, two seasons later, Jess gets a landline for the loft and everyone acts like they’ve never seen one before.


The timeline of Schmidt and Nick living together in the loft is shaky at best.


It’s established that Nick and Schmidt met when they were roommates in college, and in Schmidt’s birthday episode in Season 1, Schmidt turns 29. So, that means that the two of them would had to have spent their entire twenties living together in order to reach their “Tinfinity” anniversary. BUT, Nick mentions having lived with both Caroline and his friend Dirk post-college.

*Oprah voice* So what is the truth?


Even though it’s established in Season 6 that New Girl and Brooklyn 99 exist in the same universe (thanks to two crossover episodes), Nadim Pedrad — who plays Ally — also appears as Jake Peralta’s half sister, Kate, in Brooklyn 99 two years after the crossover happens:


Damon Wayans Jr. — aka Coach — also guest-starred on Brooklyn 99, but it was pre-crossover. So, I’ll let that one slide.


And finally, the shape of Jess’s glasses changes ever-so-slightly between Season 1 and the rest of the series.


I acknowledge that this is probably the wardrobe department keeping Jess with the times, but still, it gets me every time.

With all that being said, New Girl is still one of my go-to comfort shows and probably always will be!

Are there any inconsistencies I missed? Share them in the comments!

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