Fox News will soon launch its very own streaming service for ‘superfans’

Starting Nov. 27, said superfans can pay $5.99 a month to view extra “content” from, among others, staple Fox hosts Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Brit Hume and Laura Ingraham. The network is set to detail the programming on-air this Sunday, the same day it will launch a pre-sale program in which viewers can instead cough up $1,200 to purchase the ultimate Fox Nation package: a three-year subscription, a special coin, a special hat, engraved rocks glasses, a medal and a tactical watch.

Fox News also posted a video online in which Tomi Lahren announces the new service: “Some of you probably already know me,” she says. “If you do, you know I don’t support anything I don’t truly believe in. That’s why I’m here, telling you about how excited I am about Fox Nation, a premium, members-only video streaming service that’s going to change everything.”

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