Stream These 5 Chilling New Horror Movies

Remember when you’d go to Old Country Buffet and you’d load up on lasagna, tater tots and brownies but it was nasty and then you were like, maybe I should have had the meatloaf, mashed potatoes and trifle? That’s what it’s like to be a horror movie fan now that streaming is a new normal. The choices are vast, the quality varies and the choosing is daunting.

This is where I come in. In this column, I’ll provide a fan’s scary movie recommendations for people who want to discern the terrifying from the terrible. First up: demonic possession, traumatic dreams and killer jeans.

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I swear I saw David Cronenberg peek from behind a doorway in this ’80s-inspired sci-fi horror mash-up from the writer-director Anthony Scott Burns. Like Cronenberg, Burns is Canadian, and like one of my favorite Cronenberg films — “Rabid” (1977) — “Come True” uses lurid storytelling and off-kilter production design to douse the screen in menace.

Sometimes a monster and a movie shape-shift together. That’s the case in this intense horror-thriller that starts off as an aquatic mystery, then morphs into an alien abduction fever dream before concluding as a harrowing drama about mental illness.

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